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Sump Pump Repair and Replacement in the Dayton Area

In cases where water flows into your home’s basement, it will usually make its way to the lowest point it can access – which is why a submersible sump pump will be installed at the lowest possible point in a dedicated sump pit. When working correctly, sump pumps will prevent your home’s basement area from flooding during heavy rains. 

As with any other household appliance though, these devices have a limited lifespan – usually around 7 to 10 years if they’ve been correctly maintained over time. Many homeowners will also not notice that their sump pumps have stopped working until such time as they step into the water when entering their basement. 

Below are some ways to determine that it may be time to call in the experts to assess your home’s sump pump and determine whether it needs repairs or replacement.

1. The Pump Stops Engaging

This normally happens when the pump has become clogged with debris and dirt. If the lid is loose-fitting, it will allow dirt to accumulate over time – causing the unit to malfunction. The dirt can cause the float to become obstructed, which will prevent the pump from engaging when needed. 

Some cheaper sump pumps are known to jam and get wiring tangled, which will also cause them to stop working. As such, it’s recommended that you have professional sump pump repair and replacement performed in the Dayton area. 

2. Rust is Visible around the Pump’s Base

When rust and corrosion become visible around the base of a sump pump, it can prevent the float from working, as it should. This will cause bacteria to accumulate, which will in turn result in the development of mold in your basement. Some types of bacteria can even form a thick gel-like substance that will cause the pump to clog and stop working as well. 

3. Abnormal Noises

Although a sump pump won’t be completely quiet while it’s operating, it also should emit any loud or abnormal noises during a cycle either. If your sump pump suddenly becomes noisier or it makes grinding, rattling, or squeaking sounds that weren’t present previously, it’s time to consider sump pump repair and/or replacement in the Dayton area. Many of these noises indicate that the pump’s motor may be malfunctioning, and ignoring them could result in you experiencing a flooded basement. 

4. It’s more than 10 Years Old

Regardless of how well you maintain and care for the sump pump in your home’s basement, the time will come where it will need to be replaced. In many cases, it may also not be possible to obtain replacement parts for the older units or it may simply not be economically viable to repair them either. A qualified plumber will be able to provide you with recommendations in this regard. 

5. Repeated Power Outages

A sump pump will draw its power from your home’s electrical system and it should never cause any issues with the power under normal operating conditions. However, if your home’s power starts to trip whenever the sump pump kicks in, it’s a clear indication that something is seriously wrong with it. Possible causes of this can include damaged wiring or switches, a stuck impeller, or insufficient power being supplied to the unit. 

Hiring the Best Sump Pump Repair and Replacement Specialists in Dayton

Once you’ve determined that your home’s sump pump has started malfunctioning or stopped working altogether, it’s time to enlist the help of a qualified plumber. They will be able to assess the overall condition of the existing pump and determine whether it will be able to be repaired or if a complete replacement will be needed. 

Before agreeing to let a plumber service or replace your home’s sump pump, it’s essential to verify that they carry the required insurance and that they are licensed and qualified to do the job according to the required industry specifications. This will ensure that the unit is correctly installed or repaired and that you will be provided with the appropriate warranty for everything as well. It’s also recommended that you check a specific company’s online reviews before agreeing to have them work on your property. 

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